Canadian Hatchery Federation Sector

Sector Director - Nik Zylstra   Email:   Tel: 613 724-6605 ext. 6

Sector Directors:
Jeff McDowell - Hybrid Turkeys / Hendrix Genetics
Orville Friesen - Granny's Poultry Co-op Ltd. - Winnipeg, MB

The Canadian Hatchery Federation sector of the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council represents the interests of 47 broiler, egg-type and turkey hatcheries in 9 provinces.

Operationally, hatchery sector members are represented by one of eight regional Directors at the sector level, and two of those Directors represent the sector on the CPEPC Board.

The latest industry figures indicate that 600,000,000 chicks and poults will be placed nationally this year. CPEPC members will place 564,000,000 or 94.0% of those. This activity directly employs 2,500 Canadian workers, and represents an investment in plant and equipment of approximately $250 million. The value of these chicks when sold to producers will be in excess of $310 million.

In meeting the needs of Canadian broiler growers, egg laying operations, and ultimately processors and consumers, hatchery members source hatching eggs for incubation both domestically and internationally. Under the current NAFTA and GATT/WTO Agreements, 21.1% of the total Canadian broiler hatching egg requirement is sourced from outside Canada and enters the country duty free. The remaining 78.9% of our requirement is purchased from Canadian broiler hatching egg producers.

Most egg-type and turkey hatcheries are somewhat different as they own their breeder flocks. No border controls exist for these commodities and our members have been increasing export sales in recent years.

In an ongoing effort to reduce antibiotic use and resistance, hatcheries will discontinue the preventative use of category 2 antibiotics, which have high importance for human health, by January 2019. Preventative use of category 1 antibiotics (very high importance for human health) was discontinued in 2014.

Canadian Hatchery Federation Sector Members

Archer's Poultry Farm Ltd. - Establishment O-12 - Brighton, ON
Atlantic Poultry Inc. - Establishment F-2 - Whitbourne, NL
Atlantic Poultry Inc. - Establishment B-2 - Burtt's Corner, NB
Atlantic Poultry Inc. - Establishment N-2 - New Minas, NS
Berg's Poultry Farm and Hatchery - Establishment M-79 - Russell, MB
Cargill Meats Canada - Establishment O-15 - Jarvis, ON
Carleton Hatchery - Establishment M-78 - Grunthal, MB
Charisons Turkey Hatchery - Establishment M-39 - Gunton, MB
Clark's Poultry Inc. - Establishment M-47 - Brandon, MB
Couvoir Boire et Frères Inc. - Establishment Q-89 - Wickham, QC
Couvoir des Maritimes SEC - Establishment B-25 - Dalhousie Junction, NB
Couvoir Sollio Coop - Establishment Q-68 - Victoriaville, QC
Couvoir Ovo - Establishment HP-QC-06 - Acton Vale, QC
Couvoir Québec Inc. - Establishment Q-112 - Loretteville, QC
Couvoir Ramsay - Poirier Berard Ltée - Establishment Q-30 - St-Felix-de-Valois, QC
Couvoir Réal Coté - Establishment Q-39 - L'Ange Gardien Rouville, QC
Couvoir Scott Ltée - Establishment Q-02 - Scott Jonction, QC
Couvoir Select - Establishment Q-25
Couvoir Unik Inc. - Establishment Q-03 - Mont St-Grégoire, QC
Cox Atlantic Chick Hatchery Ltd. - Establishment N-75 - Maitland, NS
Cuddy Farms - Establishment O-53 - Strathroy, ON
Exceldor coopérative - Establishment M-10 - Winnipeg, MB
Fraser Valley Chick Sales Ltd. - Establishment C-10 - Abbotsford, BC
Friendly Family Farms Hatchery - Establishment M-06 - Blumenort, MB
Groupe Westco Inc. - Establishment B-01 - Saint-Francois, NB
Hybrid Turkeys - Establishment O-05 - Kitchener, ON
Hybrid Turkeys - Establishment O-459 - Cambridge, ON

ISA North America - Establishment O-214 - Cambridge, ON
Lethbridge Hatchery Inc. - Establishment A-14 - Lethbridge, AB
Lohmann Tierzucht Canada, Ltd. - Establishment O-44 - Brantford, ON
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. - Establishment A-13 - Wetaskiwin, AB
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. - Establishment O-21 - New Hamburg, ON
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. - Horizon Poultry - Establishment O-34 - Hanover, ON
Maple Lodge Hatcheries Ltd. - Curtis Div. - Establishment O-32 - Port Hope, ON
Maple Lodge Hatcheries Ltd. - Fleming Div. - Establishment O-01 - Beamsville, ON
Maple Lodge Hatcheries Ltd. - Stratford Div. - Establishment O-42 - Stratford, ON
Maple Lodge Hatcheries Ltd. - Jarvis Div. - Establishment O-46 - Stratford, ON
Maritime Chicks Limited - Establishment HP NS-04 - Port Williams, NS
McKinley Hatchery - Establishment O-22 - St. Mary's, ON
Okanagan Hatchery - Establishment C-22 - Armstrong, BC
Pacific Pride Chicks Ltd. - Establishment C-29 - Abbotsford, BC
Prairie Pride Chick Sales - Establishment S-07 - Grandora, SK
Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods - Establishment C-02 - Abbotsford, BC
Sofina Foods Inc. - Establishment S-03 - Wynyard, SK
Sofina Foods Inc. - Establishment C-05 - Abbotsford, BC
Sofina Foods Inc. - Establishment A-25 - Edmonton, AB
Steinbach Hatchery & Feed Ltd. - Establishment M-37 - Steinbach, MB
Sunrise Hatchery - Establishment A - 10 - Westlock, AB
Thames River Hatchery - Establishment HP-ON-02 - Woodstock, ON
Trillium Hatchery - Establishment HP-ON-06 - Stratford, ON
Western Hatchery - Establishment C-01 - Abbotsford, BC