Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council


CPEPC is the industry association representing processors, packagers and distributors of chicken and turkey meat, graders and further processors of eggs, and hatcheries in Canada.

Representing some of the largest agri-food corporations in Canada, our national industry funded association has the membership of companies that process and market over 90% of Canada's chicken, turkey, eggs and hatching eggs.

CPEPC's mission is to foster a climate of continuous improvement within the Canadian feather industry recognizing the need for increasing competitiveness.


  • Proactively address the common goal of business sustainability and prosperity in a mutually respectful partnership with other industry stakeholders.

  • Proactively address issues constraining competitiveness, sustainability and profitable growth to achieve significant and measurable improvements.

  • Ensure that government policies are consistent with fostering a sustainable and competitive Canadian feather industry

  • Relationships with Producer Agencies: manage and improve the ongoing relationship with the National Feather Agencies so that CPEPC and its members have an equitable role in the system along with producers which will ensure an operating environment that allows for a reasonable level of profitability to our respective sectors.

  • CPEPC Resources: boost the role of the CPEPC as a source of expertise and influence through the optimizing use of staff and building lobbying capacity.

  • Food Safety, Animal Health and Animal Welfare: ensure a high state of readiness to develop contingency responses for current and emerging food safety, animal health and animal welfare incidents by proactively working with regulators, producer agencies, customers and consumers.

Canadian poultry processors uphold very high levels of animal welfare and will continue to do so because it is a critical priority for the industry and because we care.

- Press Release, May 2017

US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA)


"CPEPC members operate in industries that are supply managed in Canada. Chicken and turkey primary processors, egg graders and broiler hatcheries purchase their primary input – live chickens and turkeys, table eggs and broiler hatching eggs – from supply managed farmers in Canada. The majority of the input for poultry (chicken and turkey meat) and egg further processors comes from within the supply managed supply chain.

These CPEPC members support the supply management system and are committed to building the long term competitiveness of the Canadian poultry industry. A foremost priority is to modernize the supply management system to ensure continued broad consumer support, mitigate processor risk and to better respond to market pressures and the competitive environment.

Any changes to trade agreements that affect these commodities affect not only farmers, but also processors, including the jobs and investment made in the processing industry.