CCFI ReportA panel of farm animal care experts has examined undercover video from a British Columbia turkey plant. The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) created the Animal Care Review Panel program to engage recognized animal care specialists to examine hidden camera video investigations and provide expert perspectives for food retailers, the poultry industry and the media.

Animal care experts were asked to examine video contained in a report on the television news magazine W5 featuring video obtained by an undercover operative working for an animal advocacy group. The experts reviewed approximately 30 minutes of unedited video posted on the W5 website. The panelists reviewed the video independently. Their observations have been combined in this report. CCFI’s role is to facilitate the review process and release the panel’s findings.

Update: October 25, 2016 - CCFI releases Animal Care Review Panel Report (Experts review undercover video at a turkey processing plant)

For more information about the Animal Care Review Panel, the process or the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity contact:

Crystal Mackay, CEO, Canadian Centre for Food Integrity
519.837.1326 x 223


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