Poultry Operations Technical Committee

Technical/Regulatory Director - Erica Charlton

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The Poultry Operations Technical Committee (POTC) of CPEPC works with government on legislation and regulation affecting poultry plant operations. All poultry primary and further processing members of CPEPC are entitled to participate on the POTC committee, which meets 3 times yearly.

Meetings are held:

  • in February, in conjunction with the sector meetings;
  • in June, in conjunction with the convention, and
  • in October, in conjunction with the sector meetings

Associate members who are vendors of poultry plant equipment and services can also attend POTC meetings (no-charge registration required).

Animal Care

All meat processing establishments and hatcheries, as well as farm sources of live supply and eggs, comply with the following:

See CFIA's information for consumers: Humane handling and slaughter of food animals in Canada