Egg Grading Sector

Sector Manager - Margo Ladouceur   Email:   Tel: 613 724-6605 ext 4

Sector Directors:
Mike Walsh - Gray Ridge Eggs Inc. - Strathroy, ON
Serge Lefebvre - Groupe Nutri Inc - St-Hyacinthe, QC

The Egg Grading Sector of the Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council directly employs more than 1,500 Canadian workers, and represents an economic investment in plant and equipment in excess of $150 million.

CPEPC’s grading sector is comprised of 16 companies, operating 28 plants in all regions of the country. Throughput for Canadian grading stations is approximately 550 million dozen eggs and CPEPC members are responsible for more than 95% of this total. CPEPC graders work closely with primary egg producers to ensure an adequate supply of fresh shell eggs will be available to consumers.

Operating also as wholesalers, Council's egg grading sector members distribute fresh eggs to the hotel, restaurant and institutional market, along with supplying retail outlets.

In 1997, the long-term trend of declining per capita egg consumption was reversed as consumers were educated through aggressive marketing programs regarding the nutritional benefits of "nature's most nearly perfect food". This, in combination with dispelling myths regarding cholesterol; and, the obvious value of eggs to consumers represent growth opportunities to this important sector. Cash strapped Canadian consumers turn increasingly to eggs during difficult economic times and per capita consumption of shell eggs has increased over the last decade.

Egg Grading Sector Members

Ackron Egg Farm Ltd. - Establishment M-1 - Steinbach, MB
Atlantic Poultry Incorporated - Establishment N-1 - Port Williams, NS
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment O-23 - Lyn, ON
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment A-3 - Calgary, AB
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment C-20 - Westholme, BC
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment O-373 - Mississauga, ON
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment O-36 - Strathroy, ON
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment Q-25 - St-Zotique, QC
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment M-3 - Winnipeg, MB
Burns Poultry Farm - Establishment P-2 - Freetown, PE
Clovis Gauthier et Fils Inc. - Establishment Q-1 - St-Theodore d' Action, QC
Countryside Farms Ltd. - Establishment M-4 - Steinbach, MB
Daybreak Farms Terrace Ltd. - Establishment C-54 - Terrace, BC
Farmer Ben's Eggs - Establishment C-22 - Duncan, BC
Ferme Avicole Laviolette Ltée - Establishment O-4 - St-Isidore, ON

Golden Valley Foods Ltd. - Establishment C-8 - Abbotsford, BC
Gray Ridge Eggs Inc. - Establishment O-65 - Strathroy, ON
Gray Ridge Eggs Inc. - Establishment O-106 - Listowel, ON
Les Oeufs Ovale s.e.c. - Establishment Q-21 - St-Lambert, QC
Les Oeufs Richard Eggs Inc. - Establishment Q-29 - Rivière-Héva, QC
Maritime Pride Eggs Inc. - Establishment N-5 - Amherst, NS
Maritime Pride Eggs Inc. - PEI - Establishment P-1 - Summerside, PE
Newfoundland Eggs Inc. - Establishment NF-7 - Roaches Line, NL
Nutri-Oeuf Inc. - Establishment Q-12 - St-Hyacinthe, QC
Ontario Pride Eggs Inc. - Establishment O-375 - Kitchener, ON
Sparks Egg Farms - Establishment A-20 - Calgary, AB
Star Egg Co. Ltd. - Establishment S-21 - Saskatoon, SK