Egg Processing Sector

Sector Manager - Margo Ladouceur   Email:   Tel: 613 724-6605 ext 4

Sector Directors:
Brendan Bassendowski - Eggsolutions EPIC Inc. - Lethbridge, AB
Ian McFall - Burnbrae Farms - Lyn, ON

This growing sector transforms shell eggs into liquid egg, powdered egg, frozen products and ready to eat items. It purchases from the Egg Farmers of Canada some 125 million dozen eggs for use within Canada and in export markets. These purchases are supplemented by purchases of imported shell eggs or liquid egg product totalling the equivalent of another 60 million dozen in addition to Canadian off-grades, eggs from the vaccine program and the Eggs for Processing program.

CPEPC’s Egg Processing member companies operate 12 plants in Canada and represent 100% of the industry. With estimated direct employment of more than 600 Canadian workers, Council's Egg Further Processors have invested over $100 million in plant and equipment.

Sector members continue to work with their customers to develop new value-added food products containing processed egg products. This has enabled the egg further processing industry to expand its operations and to increase both domestic and export sales.

New technology and changing lifestyles are combining to create new market opportunities for egg further processors. When the supply management system for eggs was established, this sector accounted for only 5% of Canada's eggs. Today, further processed eggs represent approximately 30% of the Canadian egg market.

Egg Processing Sector Members

Burnbrae Farms - Establishment 20 - Upton, QC
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment 56 - Brockville, ON
Burnbrae Farms - Establishment 42 - Winnipeg, MB
Country Queen Foods - Establishment 46 - Brampton, ON
EggSolutions - Vanderpols Inc. - Establishment 66 - Abbotsford, BC
Eggsolutions EPIC Inc. - Establishment 52 - Lethbridge, AB

Global Egg Corporation / EggSolutions - Establishment 36 - Etobicoke, ON
Global Egg Corporation / EggSolutions - Establishment 34 - Elmira, ON
Perth County Ingredients - Establishment 10 - St. Mary's, ON
Shelmac Brand Products Inc. - Establishment 28 - Toronto, ON
Supreme Egg Products Inc. - Establishment 30 - Etobicoke, ON
Vitoeuf Inc. - Establishment 40 - St-Hyacinthe, QC