Terms of Reference for CPEPC Outstanding Contribution Award

The Outstanding Contribution Award is the highest honor that the Council can bestow on one of its members.

It is intended to recognize unusual dedication and contribution to the Council and the Industry by one of its members.

It is not intended to be an annual award. It will only be presented to someone who, in the opinion of the members, has demonstrated a sincere desire to serve the Council and the Industry with extraordinary dedication, determination and enthusiasm.


  1. The candidate must have a minimum of five years direct involvement with the CPEPC either on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, as a CPEPC Director or Alternate to a National Agency Board or as a member and significant contributor to other Committees of CPEPC.
  2. They must have permanently terminated their full-time employment with their poultry industry employer, including any organization that is, or who can qualify as, a Processor Member of CPEPC.


A candidate for the Award may be nominated by any member of the Council.


To be approved for the Award, a candidate must receive the affirmative vote of at least seventy five percent (75%) of the members of the Board of Directors voting at a meeting during which the Award is considered.

CPEPC Outstanding Contribution Award Recipients

Jules Van de Vyvere 1984
Donald Field 1985
Gérard Goyer 1987
Gordon Meyers * 1988
René Jean * 1989
Wally Berry 1990
Roger Mainville 1992
Max Rubenstein 1993
Roy McDannnold 1994
Ted Wiens * 1994
Roy Miske 1996
Bob Feldman 1997
Ralph Effler 1998
Walter Metzger 1999
Art Vanderlaan 2000
Henry Van Zeggelaar 2001
Pearl Cooper 2003
Jacques Cordeau 2003
Pieter Vanderpol 2004
Phil Kudelka * 2005
Brian Cram 2008
Paul Ouellette 2008
Shelly Mandell 2010
Tony Tavares 2011
Wayne Morrison 2012
Bob Anderson 2013
Brian Dahms 2016
Paul Borg 2017
Reg Cliche 2018
Hank Lammers 2019
* Awarded Posthumously


Canadian Hatchery Federation Max Wiener Award

The Max Wiener Award is presented annually by the Canadian Hatchery Federation at the CPEPC Convention.  Max Wiener was a hatcheryman for many years in the days before the CHF was part of CPEPC.  One of his proudest achievements was the origination of the award which was presented each year at the CHF Convention, a distinction he himself received in 1987.

The only criteria used in selecting the recipient is that the honouree must have done something extraordinary to better the Canadian poultry industry.  Historically, the award has been given to someone who resides in the province where the Convention is hosted.

CHF Max Wiener Award Recipients

Page Beeson 1982
Audrey & Dave Mitchell 1983
Eugene Whelan 1984
Max Roytenberg 1985
Mac Cuddy 1986
Max Wiener 1987
Willie Zaritsky 1988
Lloyd Crawford 1989
Harvey Beaty 1990
Wally Berry 1991
Dufour Family 1992
Dan Alary 1993
Ted Hoover 1994
Walter Reimer 1995
Tony Greaves 1996
Berne McKinley 1997
Claude Leroux Sr. 1999
Art Fleming 2000
Gib Shouldice 2001
Dick Sendall 2002
Stuart Allaby 2003
Rock Laroche 2004
Henry Van Zeggelaar * 2005
Wally DeWitt 2006
Henry Lansink 2007
Al Fauchon * 2008
Merlyn Scott 2009
Jerry Novak 2010
Robert N. Clark 2011
Michel Fontaine 2012
Al Richards 2013
Doug Archer 2014
Tom Fleming 2014
Glen Lawson 2015
Alex Oderkirk 2016
Bill Vanderspek 2017
Réal Coté 2018
Rachel Ouckama 2019
* Awarded Posthumously